How to manage anger & anxiety faced by parents during lockdown

Tips for parents to manage their emotions and handle their life more effectively

1) Be easy on yourself and on your kids

2)Pause! Before you React in Anger….

3) Take Turns to Help

4) Ease the tension before things blow

5) Set boundaries

6) Talk to each other

7-) Self-care

9-) Enjoy nature

10) Practice gratitude & appreciation every day

I practice this everyday and believe me, this practice goes a very long way to make your day happier, more fulfilling, more satisfying, more fun-filled, less worried, less stressful and things become easier for you if you just practice gratitude everyday !

Tips for parents to manage anxiety in kids

1) Helping your kids with online classes and schoolwork

2) Dealing with your child’s fears and stress

3) Practice Self-love

4) Engage them in age-appropriate Household chores

5-)Meditation and yoga

6) Engage more in lots of different games (outdoor games whenever possible). Get creative !!

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Abhipsa Parida

Abhipsa Parida


My name is Abhipsa Parida. I am an occupational therapist and I have been handling kids with special needs since 6 years. I run my own clinic in Bhubaneswar